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Capacity: 4GB/ 6GB /8GB/12GB
DimensionsG 49579 mm
Weight: 39g
Interface: USB 2.0
Arial Density: 58.5G bits / sq.inch
Media: Glass
Rotational speed : 4,200 RPM
Media transfer rate : 49.1-91.4 M bits / sec
Maximum transfer rate : 7.9 M bytes / sec
Minimum transfer rate : 4.2 M bytes / sec
Latency (average) : 7.1ms
Average seek time 10 ms (typical)
Track to track seek time 1.5 ms (typical)
Full stroke seek time 18 ms (typical)
Pure metal aluminum surface material
Special vibration absorption design
Ultra fast interface USB2.0 : Ensure a high transfer rateand a very easy usage
No external power or battery needed
Bundle with Hardware security application
Include pocket size of leather pouch and USB extension connecter
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